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Weird incident with Wintex

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I'm not sure what this is. I inserted a patch into the wad that is in size of 64 x 64 with Wintex, followed by compiling it in 'Edit Texture' under 'Advanced' as I normally do. The problem is that the texture didn't show up at all as it should be. The position where the texture I have selected cannot be shown, there is nothing but blank, like a transparent wall, like it's missing a texture or something. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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mmnpsrsoskl said:

Did you select the patch from the list and align it in the texture? Did you create the new texture?

Yes, that's what I normally would do.

Ultimate DooMer said:

Did you save the wad before editing textures?

Yes, before and after.

esayeek said:

wintex burps occasionally; try deleting the wall patch and loading it in again.

Actually, you were right, wintex was screwed, it's working fine now, thanks

darn vb...

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Oh, sorry about my stupid ass post.

Wintex can be a bitch sometimes...like the other day it wouldn't run because it couldn't find lbwintex.dll, which was in the directory...3 reboots later (weird) it worked fine.

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