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Naked Snake

Pain and Suffering(nice huh)

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"Over,Its all over" you mutter,on the surface of Hell,thinking there is no way you can win.You see an eye ball in front of you,unblinking.In a fit of rage you punch the eye.The ground you stand on,like the surface of a brain,rises pulsing beneath your feet.Once the platform finishes rising you look into the red sky and squint.Bright but no visible sun.You look forth and see an Imp standing over the body of what appears to be Corparal McNilson.You aim your Colt .45 at the creature and fire.Your shot went down a little,due to your shaking hands,and hits the monsters shoulder.It roars in massive agony and turns to toss a fireball at you.The fireball flys through the air and missed you by at least 7 feet and hits a dead tree,the flame so hot it sets the tree on fire upon impact.The sound of the tree burning are not as loud as your Colt.You shoot 5 more times,killing the brown demon.Its body falls to the ground with a thud and bleeds on the cracked surface of Hell...what will you do next...?


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