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OpenGL breaks some textures

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Basically what the title said. OpenGL mode breaks some of the textures on some lindefs, even though they share the same texture as the other lindefs around it which are perfectly fine. Any ideas?



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Their second question will be when are you uploading a tangible map so the lines/sides/sector references can be inspected, as screenshots will not tell anybody these.

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I'm using Skulltag and Zandronum, latest versions, both cause the same problem (I haven't been able to get the addon to run in zdoom/gzdoom, probably because of the skulltag features). I cut the areas out into a seperate wad and tested them in zdoom/gzdoom, same issue.

I didn't include the wad as I thought there would have been people who had a similar problem. My bad. Here's a sample wad:

Notice too how in the second area, the translucent lines have been broken too.

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