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A childish asking for help,because of a script that does not compile

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Ok,every time i try to compile this the "missing semicolon" comes up.I do not find missing semicolon.I am using latest GZDB version.How can i fix this?
script 1 ENTER
int bosshealth = GetActorProperty(666,APROP_Health) + Getactorproperty(667,APROP_HEALTH) + Getactorproperty(668,APROP_HEALTH) + Getactorproperty(669,APROP_Health);
while(ThingCountName("BaronofHell",0) == 4)
HudMessageBold(s:"Brothers of Damnation'health: ",i:bosshealth,s:"";HUDMSG_FADEINOUT,0,CR_UNTRANSLATED,412.0,248.0,0.0);

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