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[Realm667] Looking for news authors

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Dear Doomworlders,

as real-life draws more and more attention lately (it was a huge task to find enough time to update the Realm667 to the latest available CMS and forum software), I think it would be a good decision to recruit people from the community who are interested in contributing and maintaining news on the news portal at http://www.realm667.com/. It's all about the community, mostly what's happening in the various forums (doomworld.com, zandronum.com, zdoom.org, drdteam.org) in terms of projects, sourceports and other interesting trivia as well as cross-posting news from Doomworld and other Doom news and review portals related to classic Doom.

The system is quite easy and if you are active in the community, it shouldn't be a big deal for you to post a new news article with relevant information and a screenshot to the frontpage portal of the Realm667 once or twice a week to keep the site running and interesting. The good thing is: You have total freedom in your choices and what's relevant for other people. You can take a look at previous news items to get an idea what I have posted so far just to make decisions a bit easier. Everything else is up to you. So if you are interested as you are interested in showcasing what's happening in the community, just let me know and we can give it a try :)

Just send me a pm, tell me a little about you, your Doom experience and how long you are active in the community, and I will reply as soon as I can,

Looking forward to your help and interest,
thanks already in return,
best regards,

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Just to push it one more time if there are any volunteers who want to give more life to the news area of the Realm667 :) Still looking!

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