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Corrupted By Chaos - Entryway

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Game: Doom 2
Port: GZDoom
Slot: MAP01

Very short map (about 5 minutes) that I've create for "From mappers to level-designers" contest started on iddqd.ru by alekv. The main idea of the first contest was a redesign of the original Doom 2 map "Entryway" with the use of built-in features GZDoom port is not going beyond the boundaries of the original map geometry and using only standard Doom 2 resources (besides music and sounds).

My thanks to alekv for creating good and challenging contest and to everyone who is so highly praised my work.

IDGames 0.1 MB, ZIP-archive

All works from the contest (you need to see them!) 11.6 MB, RAR-archive (compiled by alekv)
Contest thread on iddqd.ru

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Take notes all you rookies on this forum, presenting your work with only a random download link. This is how you post to get peoples attention.

Might need to fix the "links" img tho :)

Downloaded and will give this a go asap.

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