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Semi-Pointless Glitch for Lazarus Labs

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I noticed that in my first finished save slot for Doom campaign, I have like ten more weapon upgrade points than in my second finished game slot. And that's with all the weapons fully upgraded already. I figured out that redoing the Lazarus Labs and doing the challenges got me two/three more points every time I did that as if it didn't save that the challenges were completed. This can be exploited to have enough points to upgrade weapons immediately from Titan's Realm and onwards but other than that it's just a number. Just for shits I've been trying to reach 100 weapon upgrade points on my first save. Lots of dead Cyberdemons.

Anyone else experience this minor glitch? I play on Xbox One

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Good catch, no I'v not experienced this as I play on ultra nightmare anymore. I remember getting 100 upgrade points doing my no upgrade run.

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