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Revenants ONLY Doom Mod

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Here is an early Halloween present to the denizens of DoomWorld.

It's a bunch of simple, short maps, loosely based off a forum thread about different varieties of Revenants. This short level set was designed for use in GZDoom and uses the Doom2 Iwad.

The levels are all in UDMF and are tie together by a central hub. All maps are populated by legions of Revenant variants. I've modified the Revenant sprites over the last while. One monster was found in Strange Aeons but was modified to become more revenant-esque.

This Mod is a finished product which is not going to be continued. It probably has bugs and texture misalignments. Anyways here's the DL for this flawed gem.


Enjoy & Happy Halloween.

-Monolith for the Pitchfork Sprite, Music (from BLOOD), Wall Textures and 1 Boss monster. SFX.
- Whoever designed the Revenant driving a Sidecar motorcycle, damn that was awesome.
-Heretic & Hexen for some SFX and some spritework.

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Should have made a Trumpanent. It prevents you from killing it by building a wall around itself.

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TraceOfSpades said:

Should have made a Trumpanent. It prevents you from killing it by building a wall around itself.

Make Hell great again.

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So far there are 3 maps accessible from the main hud, each contains a key which is required to exit the stage but these keys are also required to access hidden areas in other maps. If you return to the other stages with these keys.

The layout is not-standard Doom layout and all maps are accessible through a hud system. Unless you die, then you must key hunt through the maps again...

There is a total of 6 maps including the Hud and boss monster showdown. Just as a suggestion, make sure to quicksave before the boss.

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