QZDoom - Now merged into GZDoom!

QZDoom 2.0.0 released!


The main purpose of this release is to standardise and make available to modders the custom screen shader system. However, it comes with it a lot of updates, mostly from GZDoom since its latest release:



  • Updated to GZDoom 3.1.0, plus some fixes after.
  • (from GZDoom) "Software" light mode (in OpenGL) now supports radial fog setting
  • (from GZDoom) Unsloped Flats can now use non-power-2 textures in software mode
  • (from GZDoom) Menus now merge in with a mod's custom MENUDEF when it provides menu replacements. This is due to older mods' menus becoming very quickly outdated.
  • (from GZDoom) Blade of Agony (Chapter 2) is now supported as an IWAD
  • (from GZDoom) Rise of the Wool Ball is now supported as an IWAD
  • (from GZDoom) "Classic Transparency" option - turn off ZDoom's additive transparency effects for the original game resources.
  • (from GZDoom) Better non-accelerated buffer support for software rendering - when vid_hw2d is disabled or otherwise using an unaccelerated framebuffer, stencils and on-screen objects now show up better.
  • (from GZDoom) (Windows only) vid_used3d is now renamed to vid_glswfb. This matches the same CVAR that is available on Mac/Linux.
  • (from GZDoom) vid_glswfb is now exposed to the menu.
  • (from GZDoom) r_visibility now affects GL's Software lightmode as well as Softpoly.
  • Player Sprite overlays now support the PSPF_MIRROR flag which flips the sprite horizontally across the entire screen.
  • Menu Blurring option - when running in OpenGL mode, a mod can now blur the screen when the menu is active.
  • Unfriendly players - when a PlayerPawn object has -FRIENDLY set, they become a playable monster and interact with the game world as one. Additionally, they become deathmatch opponents, capable of dealing and taking damage from other players.
  • Custom Screen Shaders - mods are now able to include their own post processing shaders, insertable before the bloom pass ("beforebloom"), before 2D objects are drawn ("scene"), and after everything is on the screen ("screen").
  • vid_saturation saturates/desaturates the screen - improves the appearance of the screen when using certain brightness/gamma settings as well as allowing the user to play in 'black and white' (similar to the display control panel option). (Requires post-processing shaders to be active and hardware gamma must be disabled)


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