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Sound stopped working

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For some reason the music and sound has stopped working on every wad on my pc. I have tried multiple things such as placing different files in the main Doom directory and messing round between gz an zdoom but nothing works... I have had my pc crashing a few times lately. I also had not changed anything doom related. Any ideas??

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MancubusBruiser1988 said:

I have had my pc crashing a few times lately.

First things first...

What are your system specs? Do you have the latest drivers for your PC installed?

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Make sure you've actually extracted the archives properly, that includes the openal and/or fmodex dlls. Also absolutely make sure you're not sticking zdoom or gzdoom in the same folder, as their dlls cannot be safely mixed.

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Too many unknown variables here, like which versions of ZDoom/GZDoom you are using, whether you get sound problems in other apps/Windows itself as well, what OS and hardware you're using etc. Just saying "sound in my Doom stopped working" doesn't really help.

The very least try getting a fresh copy of the latest ZDoom/GZDoom and install each of them in its own folder, without getting any other crap "mixed in". Also, use a launcher to avoid copying IWADs and PWADs around when you have multiple ports.

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