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Walter confetti

Battle of the Bits holds a new doom mapping project

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I'm just knew this thing just yesterday:


For who's interested, BotB made this new compo for every mappers out there!


- Made a map for Vanilla Doom or Boom 2.02 (so, no linedef action 271/2 usage in your maps!)

- Made it from scratch, don't send thing that you already did!

- (about this rule i'm not really sure) Use doom.wad or doom2.wad as your iwad choice

- Custom textures and music are allowed

- No DEHACKED, new sounds and new sprites

- Send it to battleofthebits.org (requires a registration if you aren't registred to the website already) via zip file with your wad and a text file that says for what format the map is (Vanilla doom or boom)

The deadline is at 6th of November (06/11/16, 11/06/16 for your u.s. kids)

If i wrote wrong some rules from the original project, please let me know!

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Yeah fyi this was extended by a week already, probably going to stay the 30th October now.

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Oh, Boy! this is a great time for me to not procrastinate. Can newbie join though.

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Maybe I'll be able to make a map for this that's actually finished and doesn't have a "P_PlayerInSpecialSector" error this time!

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Thanks for posting about this! I'm clearly failing in my quasi-official BotB ambassador duties. D:

Hopefully the Boom format will catch some folks' eyes. I'm still doing a vanilla thing myself, but having more format flexibility is a big boon.

[ha ha subtle reference that like 3 people will get]

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This just got another week's extension. Submissions can still be made in the next 7 days.

Looks like I got a headstart on my thing after all by starting mapping in the last few hours in a blind panic. :P

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