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Doom Music - E1M2 - Nuclear Plant remix

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Hello everyone!!! Long time didnt see you guys.. Last time i came (around a year ago..sorry for the late) i showed a remix i did for E1M3, here is the post:


So im here again, to show u something else... NUCLEAR PLANT remix!!!


Hope u like it! Its also a electronic version (like the toxin one)

Pd: I know few of u guys, told me about your preferences to make new remixes.. But i didnt for a reason. First no time, and second, i decided make the full chapter 1 "Knee deep in the dead" (my favorite ;D) Cause my only goal making this songs, is to play the old doom with a new OST more electronic, and how no one do it.. ill try. Keep in touch!

See ya! =p

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You should have those Doom remixes/covers available to download.

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Hi! the mean of this is to be use with doom or to lisent flyaway.. but all together, in a "mixtape" "album" "demotape" (dont know, better chapter), not a separate songs.. is just for proteccion, really.=P

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