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AMA with Marty Stratton, Hugo Martin and Kevin Cloud tommorow.

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Hey Linguica, can you put this on the front page?

Hello, Marines!
After a long time of talking and planing me and /u/jleaveyBethesda are proud to announce that id Software will answer your questions in an AmA (Ask Me Anything)!
Participants of the AmA are

Marty Stratton - Executive Producer | id Software (/u/martyatid)
Hugo Martin - Art Director | id Software (Coming Soon...)
Kevin Cloud - SnapMap Lead Producer | id Software (/u/kevincatid)
Proof: http://imgur.com/a/GcPeR

October 21st @ 2 PM ET (Check your timezone!)

Mod notes

I will sticky the AmA post once it has been submitted tomorrow.
Be nice, ask question(s) and be patient after you asked your question(s).
All Bethesda & id Software employees are flaired and have a Bethesda or id Logo beside their usernames
During the whole AmA the /r/DOOM mod team will be present and will moderate comments.
Thanks everyone for just being awesome and I hope we will have interesting questions and answers tomorrow.

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DooM_RO said:

Hey Linguica, can you put this on the front page?

You have to post at the News Submission forum.

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