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Wads with Quake-ish stat screens

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Is there any wad that's stat screen shows one segment of the finished level like in the first Quake, instead of a background pic?

The only one that I know it's reelism.pk3 but it has an unique stat report screen. I'd like to see one with the regular one. (secret, par time, items etc.)

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Alpha Accident is kind of unique in that each intermission screen shows a screenshot of the level you just completed, followed by one of the level you're about to play. This is handled like a traditional Doom 1 intermission screen, not a Quake-style camera snap, but it might be of interest.

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My map in DUMP3 literally has the Quake stat screen - only map in the compilation that actually gives you stats on kills/secrets, I believe. If you were looking to make one of your own, could always take a peek at its ACS?

Also, Adventures of Square has something very similar for every level, too.

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