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Looking for custom sky texture

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Hi all. I'm looking for a custom sky texture for my Doom 2 project.
It has to look a little bit like the burning city sky texture from Doom 2 but with more Hellish influences (in standard Doom format).
I searched Google but couldn't find anything suitable.
Any help will be much appreciated.

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Saliva said:

(in standard Doom format)

In case you found a suitable sky that wasn't readily available in Doom format... It wouldn't be hard to (possibly resize it and then) convert it to Doom format and make a texture out of it. If you don't know how to do it... Well, wouldn't this be a good opportunity to learn it?

Du Mhan Yhu made a custom sky texture for his DMP2015 map that looked exactly like Doom2's city sky but with Ultimate Doom's E4 sky in the background instead of clouds. If that's the spirit of a texture you're looking for, feel free to ask him if he'd be OK with you using it, but you wouldn't need that much skill and effort to make a similar simple photo-montage of Doom skies by yourself, possibly using another hellish sky for the city's background.

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Thanks for the info guys!
I know my way around the Doom graphics and how to edit them but I was just hoping to save some effort :) I decided to stick with the standard Doom II city sky because it looked quite alright.

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