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Texture Pack / Palette Search Help

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Since my current project is entering beta-testing, I am starting to think about what's next. What I currently have in mind is playing around with GZDOOM and seeing if I can't re-host some of my old Unreal level designs using an advanced Doom engine. Also, the fact that I've been building my own levels in what little free time I have had means I haven't played any releases in a while. So for those reasons, gentle reader -- combined with the fact that I am terribly lazy -- is why I need your help.

I am in search of a texture pack (and potential palette replacement) that contains themes including "jungle temple", "natural rocks", "water-logged stone" and ideally with some more cyan-ish water than the IWAD. Also, vines -- LOTS of vines, both covering patches and as transparent midtextures. As a bonus, some additional sprites (e.g. cool torches or actual living plants) would be cool.

I know that I could cobble together a texture pack from other sources, but I am hoping there is something close enough that I can use as-is (again -- SOOOOO lazy). Thanks in advance, folks...

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