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IDKFA music for Plutonia?

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Since Plutonia seems to re-use mostly Doom 1 tracks, I was wondering if someone had made a music wad featuring Andrew Hulshult's kickass remade soundtrack. If so, where can I download it?

Thanks in advance!

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I was going to do this but my desktop computer crapped on me before I uploaded the WAD file to /idgames/. And this was back in July, it's just a means of putting audio files into a WAD.

EDIT: Found a copy on laptop which was copied from my external.

@VGA: That's exactly what I was going to upload with a text file, minus the loose FLAC and MP3 files bloating the archive to over 700 MB. The WAD itself is about 86 MB.

@Johnny: The only downside is Hulshult never did the full Doom 2 set or anything by Evilution, which leaves gaps in your request. Otherwise it's possible to compile a soundtrack yourself.

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