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AVOCADO.WAD [Birthday map for Katamori]

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Wow, I honestly didn't expect it - and the puns neither. :D gonna be curious, how many people here understand the reference. The end was especially funny!

Gameplay-wise, it's absolutely cool and solid. Plays very well and looks nice, especially with all these fancy new textures. What I liked the most were the optional plasma grab and the way the cyberdemon fight was made. Killing the arch-vile in the acid was a bit tough, though.

Overall it was a fun experience, thank you!

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Well, that was fun, even if the Archvile was dick-ish to fight.

Also, while I couldn't figure out how tot get to the secret, running to get the key then ramming against the pillar made me grab the megasphere.

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Your other birthday map received demo activity (http://doomedsda.us/wad1996.html) but this one, probably not, lol, due to that AV jump secret. :D It's very luck-based because you need the AV to hold off on firing temporarily enough for you to grab the key, and then execute the AV jump with your back turned to the vile, hoping it's in a decent position.

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