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Anomaly Alpha - E1M1

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Anomaly Alpha - E1M1
Campaign, single-player map

Hey guys! This is my first Snapmap I made a few months back, although now it's been updated with some of the new snapmap tools. I'm currently looking for feedback in terms of difficulty and health/ammo balance. As far as visuals, I'm still in process of dressing up the level with props.

Currently, the map is trying to emulate Ultra-Violence difficulty. At first, I made it so when the player died, the map would end. However, I later found it to be discouraging as you would have to reload wait through a loading screen in order to play it again. I changed it so that upon death, the entire map resets without having to actually reload. That being said, there are no checkpoints.

I'm currently working on the second map, as this will be a short campaign. (possibly 4 maps)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you and enjoy!

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