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Final doom return of the evil god

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okay, i'm starting to develop a wad file influenced by tnt and fragport.
now returning with some maps becoming created, however I'm looing for someone to contribute to making maps for my wad as well. so now I will throw in some screenshots

1, already zdoom tested

2, haven't tested it with boom yet

This time with a new pallet, new Nazi sprites, and the green key, and a new stats bar

MAP01 Mission one (Complete)
MAP02 Kasuto Town (Complete)
MAP03 Black Tower (Complete)
MAP04 Aqua Submarine (Complete)
MAP05 Sea Monsters Body (Complete)
MAP06 Underground (Complete)
MAP07 Jerizona (Complete)
MAP08 Haunted Woods (Complete)
MAP09 Cacoden (Complete)
MAP10 Aztec Complex (Complete)
MAP11 Planet of doom (Complete)
MAP12 Airport (Complete)
MAP13 Deserted Keep (Complete)
MAP14 Oregon City (Complete)
MAP15 Sinister Castle (Complete)
MAP16 Poison Gate (Complete)
MAP17 Nautical Mines (Complete)
MAP18 Southern District(Complete)
MAP19 Egyptian Temple (Complete)
MAP20 The outdoors (Complete)
MAP21 Ocean of Death (Complete)
MAP22 Blue castle (Complete)
MAP23 Battleship (Complete)
MAP24 MT. lava (Complete)
MAP25 Crystal Mines (Complete)
MAP26 Space chase (Complete)
MAP27 Zeon Village (Complete)
MAP28 Old Kasuto Town (Complete)
MAP29 Unholy fortress (Complete)
MAP30 Zeon Racetrack (Complete)
MAP31 The Mansion (Complete)
MAP32 Club Doom (Complete)

Download link is in the description https://www.dropbox.com/s/667kmy0b7k41hub/fdevil.wad?dl=1
Also on idgames! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/fdevil

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Other than the tiny thumbnail shots (use normal links), it looks like decent progress so far.

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Yep. I got it tested with prboom. also heres some gameplay screenshots for the rest of the levels I have made

I forgot that I used the voodoo effect in ssd map31 as map30
and added the flying ship, the demon spitter, and a hoard of archviles and cyberdemons

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