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updated dooms and heretics?

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There's so many ports and mods, and I am completely out of the loop, haven't looked at any doom stuff in many years.
Now I want to co-op doom, doom2, heretic and hexen, with a fancy port and with updated graphics mods, maybe even a few 3d models in there - but faithful to the original games.

What do I need?
I'm hoping to just use a few completed projects, I'm not looking to collect up a ton of individual things...

So far I figured maybe Zandronum or GZDoom?

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Zandronum gives you options for easy multiplayer with several gamemodes including co op, and a GL rendered for extra fancy, though 3D models looks like arse in doom.

Zdaemon is "more oldschool", but still good.

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If you want both to play online multiplayer and to use ZDoom-only-compatible gameplay mods, your ideal choice is Zandronum. GZDoom has (working but) inefficient multiplayer support and ZDaemon doesn't support modern-ZDoom-based mods at all.

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If you want coop with 3D models, Zandronum is probably your best bet. ZDaemon doesn't have an OpenGL renderer capable of supporting models at all.

That said I personally find all Doom models to be very unconvincing and not an upgrade from sprites at all.

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thanks for your replies

J.B.R said:

Why would even want to play with models?

I don't particularly want to play with models, I only said "maybe a few". I didn't know if someone had made some good ones more recently. And I seem to recall some good looking models for stuff like item pickups

So far in looking for "co-op with 'best' fancy graphics but still faithful to original" I've got:

- Doom 1 and 2 with Zandronum and Beautiful Doom.
- Heretic with Zandronum and I think there is a high res texture pack somewhere
- Hexen with Zandronum

I figure I haven't quite got it yet. Is there a central place for all these ports and mods and wads? I'm having a hard time finding things, some is at moddb, others is just on individual websites, etc.

What about music, is there high quality music for doom (or I mean, what's the way to make that work in the game)?

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