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Weird performance issue

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So long story short, I got this new Desktop that's undoubtedly better than my makeshift laptop, but I have issues with performance not only in Doom 3 but in other games and emulators.

On my laptop I can somewhat play Doom 3, not the best performance in the world but it's playable, on this Desktop, I get terrible performance, 1 frame per second not joking.

The laptop has an old Intel Celeron Dual Core processor that runs at 1.6Ghz and for a "gpu" it just displays Intel HD Graphics, no actual gpu slot or anything.

The desktop has an Intel Pentium E5200 Dual Core at 2.5Ghz, the display tab in dxdiag shows an Nvidia Geforce 7050/nForce 610i, while not modern by any standards it is obviously better than the laptop.

If someone could help me troubleshoot this or clear things out i'd be very grateful.

Extra data:
Both computers run Windows 10, 64 bits.
The laptop goes up to DX10, the Desktop only to DX9(???)
I don't see any actual gpu inside the desktop, so i guess the gpu detected is some sort of internal/built in thing?
Both computers have 2Gb~ of Ram.
I've installed the latest drivers available to my desktop, though i'm unsure they're modern drivers, dxdiag shows version, i assume i simply can't use a later driver?

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Sorry for the double post.

Apparently this is an incompatibility between the card and windows 10, i'll install windows 8.1 alongside 10 and report on the performance then, and use 8.1 until i can afford a modern gpu.

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