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How to modify NRFTL so continuous play demos can be created and watched?

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Cyberdemon531 asked me this and we have a problem here indeed: nerve.wad secret level works in ZDoom derivative ports, but not in "our favourite" ports.

I guess changing MAP01->MAP12, MAP02->MAP13, MAP03->MAP14, MAP04->MAP15, MAP09->MAP31, MAP05->MAP16 is sufficient?

If so, the minimum solution would be a step-by-step instruction which bytes of the WAD need to be edited manually.

And the optimum solution would be an executable that would modify the WAD.

Any help? I may actually be donating a bit of cash for someone willing to sacrifice their time to make such an executable.

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This might be overthinking it, but you could add in dummy lumps to the PWAD with the names MAP12, MAP13 etc with all the associated per-level lumps, but have them point to the data for MAP01, MAP02 etc?

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Memfis i tried running this patcher and got this error message when i try and run nervenew.wad through glboom-plus:

maybe i have a 'bad' copy of nerve.wad? how many bytes is your copy?

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Oh yeah, it most definitely won't work with even a slightly wrong wad. The patch is basically a "difference" between the original file and the modified one. If you patch something else instead of the original, the result will be nonsensical.

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