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Apothosis Station

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Hello everyone! Apothosis Station is a FFA & Duel map that is made entirely of volumes and props. No loadouts. Weapons, health & armor must be picked up. 10 minute rounds, player with the most frags at the end is the victor. Map ID = 9JEBLCJV If any mistakes are found please let me know about it!

A short vid of the map -

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This is really good stuff! I love the detailing, especially the room with the green armor.

I just wish Id gave use more textures and props to use. Snapmap is shaping up nicely and the new update was good but I really hope it was just the start of it.

Will you try making a SP map too?

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Thanks! And yes I'll be making a single player campaign style map, but it'll probably be quite a while before it's released. I've got a couple other projects in mind I'd like to finish first.

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this map makes my fingers itch for a duell :)
the exposed center weapon-pickup is great design.
u have to risk a lot to get there. thats it!

2 things and these are only from watching the video:

-the rails look very nice and i think they interfere with z-axis combat wich is a very strong aspect in this map. maybe turning them non-solid so they only hinder sight or remove them (would be my choice) and replace them with a flat trim or "warning lights" props (handlight or something like that) and a light-fx to mark the edge.

-i would think about swapping the pickup-locations of the rocketlauncher and the super-shottie. in snapmap the launcher deals about 400-500 dmg the shottie puts out 1100-1200. in a tight enviroment like your map the shottie is the dominant weapon. furthermore i guess the launcher is better for shooting an opponent trying to get the shottie.


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Thanks for the feedback Sgt. The map is still very much a WIP. Just rolled out an update today, now the mega spawns where the rl was at top mid. Moved shotty to the room with the broken lift, and there are two rl spawns on the map. As for the railing, in a future update I'll put a switch in the map to make the railing "retractable".

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