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Blisters - Single Map (for Doom 1)

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Hey peoples, this is a little something I whipped up when I should have been working on one of the various DM projects I'm involved with (oops).. Fully vanilla compatible (complevel 2), tested with Ultimate Doom so not sure if it works on Doom Registered. Was going for that E2/E3 feel somewhat but with my own little spin.

Map slot is E1M1, hope you all enjoy it. Record some demos for me if you please!

DOWNLOAD: http://www.doomshack.org/~doomkid/blistas.zip


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Yes right up my alley this is! Love the classic doom vibe and style, the wood and hell textures making for such a nostalgic experience.

Okay so I have an FDA for you but something really odd happened trying to play this, I had no in game sound what so ever, no music, SFX etc. So I played completely deaf which was an eerie experience, I have been trying to fix the problem but so far have not found a solution. It's not just this map but for all doom maps and source ports etc. Cant say I have had this problem before.

Point being I missed a whole lot of audio cues, particularly the warp ins and Cyber foot steps which led to my death as I didn't hear them coming. Still, great map, ill come back to it for sure when I can fix this audio problem.


Awesome job dude!

Edit: The classic turn it off turn it back on did the trick :D

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Thanks for the demo Crunchynut! It's funny, I could easily tell you were deaf, you got hit by a lot of bullshit from the back and side due to that :P I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was fun and stress relieving bashing out an oldschool e3ish map!

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Really fun map. I don't really expect Doom I maps to be anything more than single shotgun against sparsely populated low-threat monsters with the occasional dickish crusher death trap, so it's a nice surprise when they are more bloody. Here's a max, goal was sub-6, first couple of minutes are hard to survive at this pace.


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Very well played, rdwpa. You blasted the hell out of this thing faster and more efficiently than I do in the included demo - That was fun to watch!

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