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DooM II ReMap Project - Alpha/InDev

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For the past two days, I've been working on a literal re-imagining of DOOM II's maps. I've also been putting in completely new sounds for weapons and such.

I should be able to release this in a month or two.

Map01: Entryway = 90% done

Map02: Underhalls = 5% done.
https://gyazo.com/0a0413043a761a82df22796169c5b6ca (current progress of underhalls) (no textures properly added yet)

All the other maps, 0%.

I'll update this post as time goes on.

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As I said, still working on all the maps. I noticed this issue earlier, and I'll probably put more space in the maps.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

Someone's doing it already, and his work (sorry to say) is better than yours

That doesn't mean he can at least make his own version of Doom 2. It might not be the best, but he can still try. :)

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