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Doom Legacy 1.46.1 SVN1278

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DoomLegacy 1.46.1 SVN 1278 released on SourceForge 2016-10-25.


The latest download button on SourceForge has finally been fixed to actually
point to the latest version.

MrRocket has supplied a Windows package with an installer and Launcher.

The list of bugfixes is extensive.
This was delayed (around 12 months) due to bugs that I wanted to
to fix for this release.

Some better fixes for Windows users, as I now have a WinXP machine to test with,
and the Win98 machine (still used for some other programs) has been retired from
DoomLegacy development. The previous owner of the XP machine dumped on me a box with random parts that once had been in various different machines, such as a hard drive from a different machine than the motherboard. Months of fun there.

DoomLegacy can now find your home directory environment variable on Windows XP.
Conflicts with MSYS have been dealt with.

Fixed the color palette corruption, which I believe may have only affected Intel machines (or possibly only Windows),
because my Athlon Linux machines never showed the symptoms.

Some new menu features, such as network play menus, and play message controls.
Now has the status bar pickup flash (menu selective),
which flashes on the status bar instead of flashing the whole screen when your player runs over some ammo or something.

Sound system rewritten to use Heretic sound priorities. The Doom sound priority system is actually inherently useless. This fixed missing Heretic sounds.

A full listing of bug fixes and features is in the docs/whatsnew.

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TBH this is something I didn't expect, but it was a nice surprise, nice to see Legacy still being developed. Keep it up (especially now when you have an XP computer)!

The installer has to be ran with administrator rights, at least on Win7.
When you run the program, that window that briefly appears seems really badly narrowed. My screen resolution is 1366x768 if it means anything.
Also, the first time I ran it, it was glitching all the time, but now it works fine.
Good job!

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I don't really feel like editing that post again, so
I found a few bugs. Now that you're at it, I think it's worth reporting.
1. the controls for "Mouselook" and "Scores/Rankings" seem to be resetted every time you start Legacy, i.e. they aren't preserved.
2. when you bring up the console and press a key which is bound to a movement control, you will move, but that key will print out text to the console on subsequent presses. I hope that you understand me.
3. Things look really, really bad when using a 4:3 aspect ratio, and I didn't even dare to try 16:9. Those quit messages are displayed outside of the box where they should be, the titlepic is kinda not stretched and the lower 1/3 of the screen is filled with that marble flat instead.
4. Things like controls aren't preserved between OpenGL and software renderers.
5. In the Options menu, if you select sth multiplayer-related and then start pressing Escape/Backspace, you'll end up at the "Multiplayer" submenu of the "New Game" menu.
6. You mention the 1.46 changelog being in the docs/whatsnew.html file, but all I see there is the changelog up to 1.45 SVN1107 (2014-5-2). Not much of a bug, but a bit misleading :]

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1. Not all controls are preserved in the config file.
But I use Mouselook all the time and it is preserved in my usage.

2. Yep, that can be annoying. Has not got annoying enough yet though.

3. I use 4:3 all the time for development, as that is what my monitors are. I have not been able to use 16:9 as I do not have such a monitor. I suggest using a window instead of fullscreen on such monitors. Interactions with monitors will be very hard to diagnose or fix.

Due to some extensive changes in the drawing code for such boxes, I have had to fix
several instances where text and fill did not end up in the desired places.
If you have found another case, I need to know exactly what version you are running
(i.e. Windows, Linux), the draw mode (OpenGL, 8 bit, 15, 16, 24, 32 bit draw), fullscreen or window.
A good picture of the display would be needed.

4. OpenGL and software draw have separate config files. You have to set them up separately. This was inherited from the original development code, and I have
it on my todo list to unify them.

5. The menu system is static, so it does not track how you get into a menu page, and it knows only one way to back out.

6. I wrote up the 1.46.1 whatsnew.html file and committed it to SVN.
It is possible that the guy who made up the released package that you are using did not get the latest SVN.
What download package are you running, so I can inform the right person.
Your problem with the text box sounds like an old version too. Are you sure you are running 1.46.1 SVN 1278 ??

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The Windows installer package has the wrong docs.
A new package has been made and is going to our site administrator, and I do not know how long it will take for the new package to appear on SourceForge. When I have been notified that it has been updated I will relay the information.

** From the installer package creator.

The installer was created under Windows 10 and tested on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

It should not require Admin rights unless the user doesn’t have admin privileges his/her O/S already.


Since I don't know Windows administration, I am going to leave that last statement alone. You're installing a package, so expect to require whatever rights are needed to install packages. I know the Make-based installer that I created can install system wide (which probably requires rights), or local to the user directory. Each individual user can make their own choice.

** Notice to all who wish to report bugs on this forum.
I hunt through the bug reports in the DoomLegacy project on SourceForge, and I get an email of any new bug reports added. There is a bug tracking system.
Bugs mentioned on this forum do not get into any hard copy, so they rely totally upon my memory at the time I get around to working on that area of DoomLegacy again.

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Doom Legacy is being first source port which I using to play Doom. In old times I liked some Open-GL effects such as coronas. But in this time more people using GZDoom and it is usual.

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