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Why we must! (Wayne Barlowe ART)

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Hi dear doom world users.

Im opening this thread to ask u all to share eny similar material that u know....as Im linking it below.

This is a link to blog to some of Wayne Barlowe's art that to me personaly shifts everytime I read things like in Olivas report "why we must" abaut Umbral Plains, glassy shores of lake of fire, Bukovac, Call of Ages.As Id are masters at give u few words and just leave u there with ur imagination, somewhow Barlowes art always gets me close to places that are described, so i just want it to share it here.

This hreat might be a bit odd.

If ur interested in Doom as "this weeks shooter"then its probablly pointles to klik on the link below.
Im not trying to be arogant im just trying to save u some time. ;)


ps. the "female soul" has some interesting evolution happening, i wounder whats the story behind it haha...

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Great artwork, thanks!

You might want to correct "threat" to be "thread" though. I got a good laugh, I was like "wow this is a very polite threat" XD

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Definitely getting Bekinski vibes from these. Amazing works! Definitely would love to see a representation of hell like this in a doom map eventually.

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