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This Week In Doom needs a new writer

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Hello all,
As some of you may know, I have been writing the "This Week in Doom" articles over at Doom Wad Station for most of the last year. Lately life has been demanding more of me, coupled with a new problem with my laptop's motherboard has me throwing in the towel for now. I do have plans to return to it one day, but that day will not be soon. I have one last article I've been slowly chipping away at, so you all can expect one more soon which will feature my experiences with Ed's absolutely amazing GzDoom wad Warphouse.

If anyone has the time to devote to this task, which truthfully is a very fun and informative process in-and-of-itself, never mind the perks of being able to get sneak peaks at upcoming treasures of wads, please step forward and do so. I will appreciate it, Bob will appreciate it, and so will all the readers I've been screwing over for the last month without new articles, never mind the talented mappers that appreciate the exposure, regardless of whether they need it or not.

It takes a small few hours a week to do well, I'd say I average 3-5, sometimes less if it's a small week and sometimes more if it's a big week, of course much of the time hinges on how much time you spend within the wads, as well as your typing speed. Time can also be saved by simply staying on top of things throughout the week, such as with the "forums" and "around-the-web" sections.

We have a pretty clear format established that makes life easy for the writer, though Bob is pretty flexible on many things, especially if it makes everybody's lives easier. I usually write my articles in NotePad, zip it up with the screenies for the week and send it off to Bob; he takes care of the rest.

If somebody does step up to take on the mantle, I'll still be around to lend a hand however I can; but it will be somewhat limited.

Thank you for reading this and my apologies to readers who have been wondering "wtf?" all this time.

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