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Anomaly Alpha - E1M2

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Anomaly Alpha - E1M2
Single player, Campaign map

Hey guys, I've published my second snapmap in the series 'Anomaly Alpha'
Just like the previous one, this is a single player, campaign style level, emulating ultra-violence difficulty. A new feature I've implemented on this map (and is now available in the previous one) is the ability to choose to play with either a 1-life system (map resets on death. No need to reload map) or a 3-life checkpoint system. (Map ends and reloads after 3 deaths)

While the 1-life system is the default setting when the map starts, the player may change this setting to a 3-life checkpoint system via touch panel located at the beginning of the level, if he/she so chooses.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated.

Enjoy and have fun!


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