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Fan-Fic based on Doom: Relapse TC for Edge

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Subject: Scott 'Craven' Demonte
Time: Oct. 28, 9:41 am
Location: A U.S. federal building

You step in the building, dressed in all black. You look around and observe a totaled lobby with blood all over the walls. You hear the sound of something eating. You silently walk around the lobby until you see the shadow of a demon feasting upon a mangled corpse. You take out a 12 gauge shotgun custom and proceed to load the specially made shotgun. The demon turns around and looks at you upon hearing the sound. You quickly raise the shotgun as the demon lunges at you. Pulling the trigger, blasting the demon's head clean off. For a minute you stand in the blood stained lobby, staring at your shotgun. Being glad you met those demon hunters and they're technology. You raise the shotgun and take a deep breath before proceding through the building, killing every demon you may find.

Flashback to 24 hours ago.......
Subject: A nameless marine
Time: Oct. 27, 9:41 am
Location: A Sub-urban Street

The whole city is exicted about a solar eclipse thats going to happen today. Even though you've seen one before, something in the air draws you to observe this one. A few hours pass and you find youself standing in the crowds waiting for the eclipse to happen. As soon as you being to think, it happens. Yet this time something is not right. When the moon has totally cover the sun, instead of darkness an eerie redish light shines around the moon. A portal opens up in the sky and a spine chilling red fog exits from it. You run for your life, fighting your way through the masses to just escape.

You notice the sounds of people in pain and agony behind you. But you put that out of you mind as you just run. You dives down a staicase,leading to an apartment basement. You shut the door and bloackade it as you watch though the window in horror at human beings being maul by the demons that fall from the sky. The humans that are able to escape are hunted down by these demon creatures. After what to you seemed like hours, there was nothing but silence outside. You slowly and carefully look out the window to see something that is not possable. A huge monster demon spider, roaming around outside. Smaller demonic spiders run together in packs. Humanoid demons eating the flesh of the dead. You witness mauled bodies raising from the dead as well.

You decide to do something besides sit and watch. Looking around the basement until you find a storage locker, full of what your looking for. You quickly grab as much and ammo as you can before loading the IMI Uzi you found. You think to yourself, it may not be strong, but I have alot of ammo for it. Just as you are done making sure the weapon was in working order, you notice something move in the shadows. You turn and unload a clip into the shadows, bullets richochet off the solid rock walls. Staring into the shadows and reloading your weapon, you notice nothing moving. Without taking your sight off the shadows you flick on the light. With the shadows no more, you notice nothing was there. Thinking hard, you go to grab the flashlight behind you. You feel a extremely sharp pain in your shoulder, a cut of shorts. Slowly turning around with your uzi ready, you notice your shoulder is cut and bleeding badly. You are confussed as to why your arm is cut, that is, until the clawed hand reached for you from the wall. You back up, shocked, scared even of the humanoid shadow entering from the wall. The shadow creature grinning it's white fangs at you as you stumble backwards, trying to aim your uzi. You back up into a table near the wall and fire a couple of bursts into the shadows chest, black blood splattering from it's wounds. 'If it bleeds... You can kill it...' You think to yourself, you lean against the wall tired and mind uneased by it's death.

You lift yourself away from the wall as you feel pain in the middle of your chest. Blood seeps from your mouth as you look down, a shadow's claws are buried in the middle of your chest. Without any apparent struggle, the shadow demon rips your ribcage open like a cantalope. Another shadow demon enters from the wall across from you hurries its way to your exposed innards. The bastard demon that caused your wound walks around and helps himself to your lung, the other has your intestines. You realise the last thing you'll ever see was a shadow creature waving your heart in front of you.

End... Now goto http://relapse.doomcenter.com for the tc that this is based on

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Hey, pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Pretty graphic too-and there simply cannot be a Doom story without blood and gore. :-)

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