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So I wrote a new song for Halloween, then had an idea

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The song is called Rabio, the Esperanto word for rabies, which is what the song is about. It's actually a song from the album I'm working on, but I thought it would go well with Halloween, so I decided to release it early.

You can also listen to it (and download it) from Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/partition36/rabio-single-version

The song, the (crappy) artwork, and the video are all under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

The samples I used:
* archive.org/details/CausticSodaS06E05Rabies (CC BY-NC-SA)
* freesound.org/people/oontzru/sounds/100350/ (CC BY-NC)

I also figured I'd give something different a try this time around. I've put together a remix kit containing the MIDI file and WAV stems, so anyone who wants to remix it can do so. Then, any remixes that do get done I can put together as a sort of "Rabies: Doomworld Community Remixes" compilation. Any style, amateur or pro, whatever. The final compilation would be free (as in beer), with everyone getting credit. I've done something very similar before (three times, actually), and it was quite fun.

If not, well, we'll just ignore this idea and pretend it never happened :^)

Remix kit: http://www.partition36.com/music-files/kits/rabio-kit.7z (about 1.36gb)

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Song's pretty good. In fact, I got some ideas for a potential remix out of that.

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