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Neo Te-Aika

Title music for Doom TC:

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Hi all! You might know me from the ZDoom forums as combatxtreme. I created Crater and its music Killing Floor for DUMP 3 (Map 12), and I'm currently working on a Doom TC with friends, it's kinda inspired by Aliens, and I'm trying to get a very electronic feel with the music, while making sure it can fit a shooter vibe. Anyways, thought I'd share the title screen music with you guys, would love to hear what you think!

Below are two links, one for the GS MIDI, and an MP3 recording of the track going through my Roland SC-55. The MIDI sounds pretty good with quite a few different soundfonts including Arachno and Weed's, as well as OPL in my opinion. :)

MIDI download

MP3 download

MP3 (SoundCloud link)

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