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DooD 6446 EXXE

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DooD isi baab! Now everything is repeated for Doom 64 (EX sourceport).

How to install and use:
This mod works ONLY for Doom 64 EX sourceport. Before install please make a backup copy of the DOOMSND.sf2 file (sounds archive). After that copy files from archive to game folder, replacing old DOOMSND.sf2 file.

To run this mod open Launcher.exe and type "D6446D.wad" (or "-file D6446D.wad") below in command line.

DeXiaZ - idea, maps, sound editing
Daimonas - graphics, textures, sprites
DarkNem - text messages (which can be modified)
Look in Moddb.com
Click me!

Hope you will like it! Happy Halloween!

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