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Source port support for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

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As I've seen on tech news sites, the new Apple MacBook Pro has a software touch bar instead of the escape and F keys. Unfortunately I don't have one, so I'm wondering if anyone else has it and thinks that Doom source ports can take advantage of it, by placing Doom-specific controls on it. I suspect that legacy apps will just have the old "keys" displayed, but I guess it would be cool to take advantage of it.

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Is it also a screen? I mean can the app show graphics on the bar?

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No one has one, since they haven't actually shipped yet.

I don't think there are even any active Mac-centric ports, are there? (As opposed to cross-platform ones that happen to offer a Mac version.) I guess it would be amusing to see the classic status bar on the touch bar, though.

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Vermil said:

Skyjake develops Doomsday on a Mac.

Explains the UI choices and the style over substance hohoho! No hard feelings :D

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