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SnapMaps By Me (mrthejoshmon)

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I very recently aquired a copy of Doom 4 and have gone right into SnapMap. Because SnapMap is very much like the Timesplitters and Far Cry map editors (which I'm fluent enough with, not to toot my own horn) I have already been able to produce a fully functional singleplayer map.

I hope.

It is just a small little map built to test the water so it isn't going to be anything good really but I'd apreciate any input and critique from anyone willing to play it.

The code is: 2P99HWDG

Happy hunting!


This thread will also be used by me to post any further maps by me on SnapMap.

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Found a possible bug, After you pickup the key in (Probably) The last room you get locked in that key room, I Managed to exit that room by suiciding anyways, However after beating the Manucubus Miniboss i got bored trying to find the door for that key, You might want to put some waypoints possibly put more props because the rooms feel too empty, I Also suggest you to put those keys on tables or something, You might also want to learn about Blocking boxes and use them to create some outdoor areas, Decorate your level with glass ... etc .

Good map though but gets repetitive with many lockdowns .

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It has been a long damn time but I just made another crappy little SnapMap by the name of Disodium Facility! Map tag is F2G94275, its another crappy test of my scripting skills so don't expect much really.

Enjoy (?) and sorry for the bump.

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After 4000 years I finally made another SnapMap, this one is called "Trials of Geryon", Map tag is U2C3R3LK  


It's quite hard to be honest.


Enjoy (?) and once again sorry for the bump.

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I decided to dedicate a lot of time to my latest SnapMap "Enpro Compound": XDWQ4BQW


It's another tough one, I tried to make objectives somewhat simple and obvious, I also tried to make it to be almost filled with constant action with little downtime in-between.


If anybody plays it and finds any glaring issues, bugs or any faults/improvements to make then I'm all ears.



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Play my Snapmap memento mori machina and I'll play and provide feedback on Enpro Compound

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