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Perdition's Gate Remap

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I'm really wanting to do a Perdition's Gate Remap Project By improving the Maps especially Maps 31 and 32 Since there really poorly mapped (No Offense Tom Mustaine if you ever read this.)

But here's the rules

1. They have to be in the BOOM: Doom 2 format No Doom 2: Hexen Format, No UDMF Format, ect. So you can use them with mods or Vanilla

2. Have to use the Doom 2, and Perdition's Gate textures (Find your own way to get them)

and 3. None of that Pure Bright White texture those were just a mistake to add as textures. (And again no offense Tom Mustaine.)

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Salt-Man Z said:

Personally, a straight-up Perdition's Gate II would be prix coup.

Hmmm.... I've been thinking about what I want to do for my next big community project. A Perditions Gate inspired wad is pretty much at the top of my list at the moment. I'm too busy to start it up now because of TNT: Revilution & Bloody Rust 2, but I'll probably have something going by March of next year.

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