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tyrell 007

Dark Souls K6J6N7DJ feedback

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Hello to all who read this,

I have been working on this snapmap since Doom first released. When I made it I thought to myself how there are not any good wave based snapmaps out there. At least that was at the time when I first started making it, but mine is still unique. Mine was kind of inspired by onslaught when I played that snapmap. I liked the fact that after each round there was time to buy items and upgrade your character and it made me think to myself what if I had a store similar to onslaught but a tournament system similar to Kingdom Hearts 1. After every 10 rounds I would have a boss wave and if you beat that boss wave then you'll start making more money from your kills.

I was naïve to think that I would complete the perfect Snapmap in about 1-2 weeks, I did not realize how much time it would take to make a snapmap free of bugs and that did not have things that players could exploit. I have promoted this map pretty well when snapmap was sill kind of popular, but now it's hard to find anyone to play it and give feedback. I still do update it frequently but I like to know that the things I have changed are things that other players enjoy. I come here asking that if someone is really looking for a challenging and fun doom experience to try out this map and give any feedback that would help. As far as I know there are no bugs in the game but if you happen to find any please report them here.

If you are wondering why it is called Dark Souls it's because of the difficulty of the game. There are 30 rounds in total, each one harder then the last. I've only seen a few people who have possibly beaten it from looking at their scores on the leaderboard. If possible play with friends so that the co-op can be tested.

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