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Quake forums?

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I know this question is a bit improper, but, well, I can't seem to find an answer on my own.

Where can I find a good Quake forum?

This forum has been very helpful and insightful with all of my questions regarding everything Doom. But from time to time I have had questions about Quake and the various quake games. So I'd like to find a helpful forum dedicated tot he Quake community.

Google searches have not yielded productive results.

I keep thinking I would search for "Quake World" to find something similar to Doom World, but Quake World is the name of a specific release of Quake 1, and that doesn't bring the results I hoped for.
I tried searching for "Quake forum" and the only results I find are foreign language forums, and one forum that won't send out its registration email.

So I'm now just asking people here. Is there a decent and active community dedicate to the Quake games, and where is it?

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quakeone.com is probably the main SP and Netquake community
quakeworld.nu is the main community for...Quakeworld :P

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QuakeOne never sends out the confirmation email I need to finish registering.
EDIT: Disregard the above; it finally went through this time.

Also, while I have been saying "Quake" I mean to also include Quake 2 and Quake 3. A nice forum to visit if I were ever to build a mod for one of those games, or just had some question about them.

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Another Quake 2 community (they do other games as well, but Q2 seems to be their focus): tastyspleen.net

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Tetzlaff said:

Quake 1,2,3 are kind of separated communities.

Yeah, I really should have been more specific when I said "and the various quake games."

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