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GZDoom bloom configuration?

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I was wondering is there's a way to configure bloom amount in GZDoom at the time. If not, could that be a thing sometime in the future?

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You can in the nightly builds, but not in the latest release.

The main cvars controlling it are:

  • gl_exposure_scale (default 1.3) - controls how much brighter something must be than the average light level captured by the eye/camera for it to begin blooming.
  • gl_exposure_speed (default 0.05) - controls how quickly the eye reacts to light changes.
  • gl_bloom_amount (default 1.4) - controls how much gaussian blur is applied to things that have begun to bloom.
There's a good chance there will be an additional cvar at some point that can turn bloom off for the weapon, because some of the light modes make the weapon far too bright for bloom to work reasonably. But that's still on the drawing board.

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