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Maybe there are more opportunities to shoot through walls to save time?

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Have you investigated potential locations where we might be able to hit monsters or barrels with plasma through walls? (I assume that the fast plasma projectile is the best weapon for "noclip shots", although rockets and BFG can also hit targets behind narrow walls?)

Noclip shots would likely be useful only in max TASes, but I suppose adjusting the position for a noclip shot isn't much harder than the player skipping a linedef, so maybe there are undiscovered lucky shots that can be done even in real time? Shouldn't it be more than likely that "the perfect D2ALL MAX TAS" kills at least one or two monsters through walls while waiting for slow lifts, etc.?

Here's one idea (for Doom2 map 17) that might save some tics and/or health:

I'm not sure whether the plasma can go through here or not, but maybe one of you TAS guys can demonstrate the possibility/impossibility of this one?

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Plasma cannot go straight through a wall, it can clip something just beyond the wall, though. This is something I usually look for in a map when routing, although it is rarely too useful, best to look for when there is a Romero head. Maps with mancs could open up more potential or imps on NM especially with OOB Romeros - Scythe map 10 perhaps? :D Would also depend on there not being much of a height difference, and I'm not sure if directions affect shots going through walls (I think they might). Diagonal walls could also complicate things.

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This was used in looper's hr2 ep1 TAS to make a lost soul behind a door wake up and open the door for him in map06, outside of tases there is not much use for this.

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On a somewhat related point, in Strain map20, the boss brain can be killed through the wall with a rocket, as in the attached demo (Strain map20 nomo in 0:20). Strain's weapon 6 (NFG) can also be used for this purpose, as can the regular Doom plasma gun.

I didn't use weapon 6 in the demo since the map doesn't have one; vdgg's movie run accidentally features this.


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