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Why are there no hires weapons, monsters or decor?

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The doom community has made plenty of hires stuff, some of it good and bad.
Anyone who looked around for 20-30 minutes would find the following:

Hires world textures (ALL TEXTURES FOR ALL 4 IWADS INCLUDED, EVERY SINGLE ONE, except for the lack of a GOOD classic-styled sky for episode 4.)

Hires UI's (I had to make my own M_ and cwilv's, theres that 8x with the STface)

Hires pickup items (that 16x you can find on moddb, the old old skulltag 2x...)

But there's three things I haven't been able to find. Hires monsters (there's that pack with the baron, shotgunguy and imp back in 12/13 but that's it...) Hires decoration sprites, and hires hud weapons.

If anyone knows where I might be able to find them please tell.
If they don't exist, THEY NEED TO

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