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A 3D movie I made!

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I couldn't really firure out if I should put this in here or FanArts but ok here it goes. Since it's not Doom related, I can only guess this thread goes here, you see, I made a short little movie in my computer graphics class during the summer and I'd like you people to see what I made. Basically, it's in a bar where 1 Lizard goes inside, the bartender says hi and stuff.... just see it for yourself. the link's here:


Other than that movie there's some 3D pics too. I hope you like what you see in it. It's my first time making 3D pics, but I still think they're good.

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Ooooo. It seems that good ol' GeoCities is at it again. At first I thought all the links were bad, but after looking closer, I saw that the site has "exceeded its allocated data transfer," which is what, 10KB?

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gatewatcher said:

pretty kool pics, i'll probaly dl the video when i have time to wait out a 4meg dl, :( good job!

Thanks for the compliments! ...wait out the 4meg video? Huh? You have a 28k modem or something? If you have a 56k modem like I do, it'll only take at least 45 minutes to download.... Unless it disconects! Damn geocities!!! ...I'd like to switch to something else, but I haven't found anything that's easy to make a webpage like geocities.... Oh, I don't want to make it an off topic thread. Anyone else enjoy my pics and/or videos?

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hehehehe, thank you BBG. Personally, I rather would have done something different, but since I'm just a beginner and I didn't really have enough time to make the film longer, it'll have to stay like that. But other than that, it's still good.

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