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What games are supported?

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What games does Eternity currently support?

The eternity Wiki does not mention it, nor the entry in doomwiki.org

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To be a bit more in-depth than the wiki:

Dooms (Freedooms too), and HacX are fully supported.

Heretic is the other game nearest completion; currently the inventory branch that makes most items work needs to be merged (after some tweaks to make it work with netplay).

Hexen can be loaded with -file and will run, but it's not really playable (as one would expect for an IWAD loaded with -file), lacking all codepointers (the ones that are in are #if 0'd out), but having all (or nearly all) action specials functional. Thing translation also hasn't been implemented for it yet.

Strife is the least supported of the lot, lacking any line specials, codepointers, or anything like that (though there are a few preparatory things).

After the new inventory branch is merged, I will try (though I may need some help from other team members) to get EDF weapons in, but that is a huge undertaking - especially given that I won't be looking at anything other than the Chocolate or vanilla sources. After EDF weapons are implemented, there will probably be a great deal of rapid development on supporting all the games.

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Ok, thanks for the info.

Regarding weapons EDF, the systems are probably too different but feel free to borrow anything from EDGE's weapons DDF and/or attacks DDF.

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Oh cripes I forgot Chex Quest exists. That's especially egregious given Team Eternity's history. I'm pretty sure it could be implemented as a gamemission. I think Quasar would need to chime in here to confirm though.

EDIT: Apparently it's not seen as that high-priority, and I'd be inclined to agree. It doesn't really add anything interesting that would also prove useful for modding, unlike Heretic/Hexen/Strife.

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