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Red Blood

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Here's a wad you didn't know you needed. I see a lot of ZDoom mods add blue and green blood splats to the game so that cacodemons and hell nobles bleed the right color when shot. I'm not sure why I think maybe it would just make more sense to make their blood red like all the other monsters.

Wad is cosmetic sprite changes only, so it's vanilla compatible and won't effect demo playback.


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I like the concept, but the problem with the Cacodemon having red blood is that color of the blood causes it to blend in with its skin.

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That's actually far more difficult than you'd imagine when it comes to sprites that don't have really clean borders between colors. Or use the same colors in multiple places. It's really only useful for, say, imps, pinkies, and marines, although occasionally you'll find a monster that also works well.

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