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My first small project - Distress Call

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Hey Doomers, here I present my four levels I remade for Ultimate DooM for the first episode.

Originally eight but I've decided to change my mapping approach (to start fresh) and release this early, so here they are.

Working with PrBoom, GZDooM, ZDooM but not with Vanilla Doom (doom2.exe)

I worked on this since 31 July but didn't really pay attention to it much lately because of life.

Distress Call

E1M1 - Welcome to Phobos

E1M2 - Critical Meltdown

E1M3 - Corrosive Maintenance

E1M4 - Control Centre

Here's the download link. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/d-f/discall

Enjoy or don't. Your call.

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HUNdebLeonidasX said:

The map detailing maybe not the best but the gameplay was pretty fun.
Keep on working :)

I won't. Lost interest in it. Will start working on some wads for Chocolate DooM. Sorry.

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