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Need suggestions for my collection

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Hello All,

I need some suggestions to keep my collection up to date. I mostly use Risen3D for playing wads but also use GZDoom, Zandronum and GLBoom-Plus for wads that got stories or long levels or custom textures. I prefer to play 32-levels scratch made megawads and wads that got at least 20 levels from scratch. However if some wad got a good concept (Lasting Light / Winter Fury for example), I don't mind then.

This is what I have collected so far

1/ Rised3D Collection (Image Link Below) :-


2/ GZDoom, Zandronum and GLBoom-Plus Collections (Image Links Below) :-

(a) Phobos Series


(b) Doom II Miscellaneous


(c) Utimate Doom and Final Doom Wads


So what wads do you think am I missing out except these ???. If any, Please suggest wads that got 32 or at least 20 levels or good horror / hellish concept(s).

Thanks in advance & much appreciated for your time to read this.

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