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Would a mobile Doom editor app be limited, or fully functional?

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This is just another stupid question of mine's probably, but what do you think a mobile Doom editor would be like? Would it be for Android specifically?

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Define "fully functional".

You're probably not going to be able to port something like GZDB or SLADE 3, they rely far too much on having a large screen with a ton of pixels on it, a real mouse with at least three buttons and a scroll wheel, as well as a keyboard with like a bazillion different shortcuts possible.

A mobile editor would have to be designed for something that doesn't have a keyboard, doesn't have mouse buttons, doesn't have a large screen, etc. But other than this UI design hurdle, there's no reason you can't get something sufficient for editing maps with.

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If someone were to program a program, they could program the program to be whatever sort of program they wanted to program.

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