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Need help with custom map + WIP screens

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Hi everyone. I've decided to make a fully custom map. Problem is that I can't place player start or any demon in the room. Maybe it's because this room doesn't stay on the ground - but I wanted to force player to have a big jump after finishing the room.

How can I solve this problem? Right now I can't place demons and the only way to get in this room is by teleporting from the floor.


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Well, you really can't. Player starts, demons and demon spawners has to be on the grid that runs along the ground.

A workaround is to have enemies teleport on spawn (un-tick the Use Teleporter Effect on the spawners). If your player start is there as well, you can teleport via Player Proxy or Player Start itself.

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The solution right now is to place teleport destinations where you want your player and enemy spawns, and link them with the "on spawned" logic.

Only some enemies work standing on non-ai grid surfaces though. Imps, soldiers, and mancubuses are fine but I'm not sure about the rest.

Hellknights and zombies still work if you have a claustrophobic/close quarters map but if you get too far away they have no AI grid to use to navigate to you.

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hello guys im new to this stuff i dont understand what you guys mean. how do i put stuff in the grid room if not on the ... "grid" meaning the floor i seen ppl doing some advanced maps but i just dont get it, ppl makeing high levels like this map




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