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Progressive Duel Part II

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Hello, for those of you who are not familiar with ProgDuel, it is a duel pack designed around non-OS gameplay. While the first part was a bit of an experiment and a dive into unexplored terrain, part 2 improves on the good and minimizes the bad. Prog utilizes EonWeapon's weapon changes and new armor system which is a bit more balanced this time around. While controlling armor will give an advantage, it won't be the sole factor determining the match outcome. The pack features a simple lobby that categorizes each map according to average map pacing and length of matches.

Per usual, since we used and abused certain features, this pack will only work on (g)Zdoom and Zandronum. The pack must also be ran with the latest available version of Eon Weapons unless you don't mind missing actors. There is a duel server up on Pain Killer (when the bot doesn't kill it) if any one is interested in trying the pack out in a live setting. If there are any questions feel free to ask. Have an ice day.

Download: http://allfearthesentinel.net/download?file=progduel2_rc1.pk3
Zan Config: http://allfearthesentinel.net/viewconfig?name=progduel.cfg
Credits: In the pk3 file
Map List:
Map00: Lobby Map
Map01: Take Two - Ru5tK1ng
Map02: Fade - Decay
Map03: White Noise - Razgriz
Map04: Chapel of Harmony - Ru5tK1ng
Map05: Orbiter - Argentum
Map06: Heavy Silence - Ru5tK1ng
Map07: Tomb of the Unwanted - Dranzer
Map08: White Noise II - Razgriz
Map09: Rustrophobia - Ru5tK1ng
Map10: Nightfalls in October - Decay
Map11: Rockscape - Dranzer
Map12: Lava Bath - Dranzer

Few Screens:


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